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Use UCSF Chimera packages in any Python 2.7 interpreter


With PyChimera you can…

  • Run scripts depending on chimera from CLI with pychimera
  • Enable import chimera in interactive coding sessions outside UCSF Chimera, including IPython and Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Launch a standard UCSF Chimera instance, with the benefit of importing all your conda or virtualenv packages with pychimera --gui.

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Largely based on ideas by Greg Couch at chimera-users.


PyChimera is scientific software, funded by public research grants (Spanish MINECO’s project CTQ2014-54071-P, Generalitat de Catalunya’s project 2014SGR989 and research grant 2017FI_B2_00168, COST Action CM1306). If you make use of PyChimera in scientific publications, please cite it. It will help measure the impact of our research and secure future funding!

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